Master Class - Conservation of tracing paper
24-28 September 2018
WORKSHOP: Copy Letters
Unexplored source of knowledge and culture
- June 7th, 2018


The interdisciplinary Laboratory Advanced Research Technologies for Investigation & Conservation ARTICON - University of West Attica serves educational and research needs in the field of conservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage. The subject of the laboratory is focused on the application of advanced technologies in diagnosis, documentation, conservation, maintenance and restoration of objects, with an emphasis on visual artworks and book - archival material. The management of collections and sets of cultural objects as well as the development and application of modern approaches to viewing, presentation and generally highlighting cultural exhibits is also included in the main research frame of the laboratory.

ARTICON is a research structure under the Committee of Education and Research University of West Attica, officially founded according to the decision 2836 of the Assembly, published at the Official Government Gazette 515 / 03.04.2015 vol.B.

The laboratory is addressed to:

the academic community, private and public cultural institutions, organizations and individuals in need of modern techniques, conservation practices and promotion of cultural objects to support or strengthen their activities, research institutes and national or foreign organizations that operate in the same context and wish to work together to develop new or improve existing research methodologies and in the Higher Education Institutions and Agencies to support the educational work on issues related to the science of conservation, restoration and the promotion of Cultural Heritage.